about the program

Chevron Studio is a program in partnership with Chevron Technology Ventures and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The program offers entrepreneurs a chance to develop lower carbon technologies from national labs and universities and turn them into thriving startup companies through three phases of support.

Chevron Studio currently supports technologies in the following focus areas:

  • Carbon utilization
  • Energy storage systems
  • Hydrogen and renewable energy
  • Solutions for a circular economy

how it works

Entrepreneurs start with writing business, technology scale-up, and commercialization plans for their selected intellectual property (IP). They then have an opportunity to continue in the program, where they receive additional support.

Entrepreneurs selected to participate in Chevron Studio engage with a national lab or university on the IP they chose from a curated list as part of their program applications.

Selected entrepreneurs receive assistance to evaluate the IP and develop their business and scale-up plans. At the end of the Discovery Phase, they pitch their final reports to Chevron Studio with the goal of being selected for the Scale-Up Phase.

Entrepreneurs selected to participate in the Scale-Up Phase form companies and, over the next 12 to 24 months, work with a national lab or university to scale up and demonstrate their technologies at a minimum viable commercial scale.

Selected entrepreneurs will receive technical assistance to support this technology scale up. At the end of this phase, the companies are expected to raise external financing, and selected entrepreneurs pitch their plans to the Chevron Studio with the goal of being selected for the Field Trial Phase.

Companies selected to participate in the Field Trial Phase may be offered an opportunity to conduct field trials at a Chevron or related facility to demonstrate the scalability of their respective innovations and value propositions.

who can apply

Chevron Studio seeks experienced U.S.-based entrepreneurs interested in starting a new company around Chevron-curated IP developed at Technology Partner universities and national labs.